Services + Core Competencies

What is Business and Technology Consulting?

Business and Technology Consulting improves the way people, processes, and technology work while directly impacting the bottom line. 

Let's start with our core competencies:

  • Thinking Strategically: We provide a deep strategic analysis of your current and future needs before providing a solution.
  • Writing Detailed Notes: We actively listen to you first to uncover wants, needs, and desired future states for your success. When identified, we communicate them back to you to confirm our understanding so we can correctly structure a service-level response.
  • Building Innovative Web Solutions: We provide agile technology solutions not only to fix your current problem, but to provide a path to meet future goals. 
  • Delivering Services Efficiently: We use virtual collaboration tools to deliver services to you in a timely and organized manner (gathering information, meetings, validating information, and managing projects). We’re strong enough in our processes that we can complete your Agile or waterfall project successfully no matter where team members are located (co-located or distributed).
  • ​Communicating with All Levels: We excel at shifting our focus to present the same topic with equal effectiveness to someone in a different role within your organization (CEO, manager, technical staff, or administrative staff). We provide reviews and communication at all levels in your organization hierarchy to ensure project success.
  • Empowering Organizations: We provide professional-level training that is specific to the project to empower you to improve your organization.

Now, here's what we do.

Our Think + Write + Build services apply to businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

Business Process Assessment
Strategic Business Analysis
Systems & Requirements Engineering
Project Management
Lean Six Sigma Performance Improvement
Team Management

Instructional Design
Employee Onboarding
Process & Procedure Development
Project Documentation
Requirements Writing
Information Architecture & SEO
Marketing Communications

IT Systems
Software Engineering
Website Design & Development
Database Architecture
Quality Assurance Testing
Maintenance & Support
Website Analytics


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About Data-Scribe

VelaMira, Inc. dba Data-Scribe is a business and technology consulting firm. Our nationwide team of degreed and credentialed professionals specializes in business analysis, project management, technical communication, website, and training services for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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