Why Traditional Marketing Isn't Enough

Our answer to professional service firms that want to rely only on face-to-face marketing.

For many professional service firms, especially those in New Mexico, the idea of online marketing seems a bit impersonal. Traditionally, architecture, engineering, and construction firms have used word of mouth marketing, referrals, and networking to reach new clients. Many take pride in their solid reputation in their community. While all professionals need to maintain their real-life referral network, an online presence is essential to building and retaining a client base in the 21st century.

If Your Clients Are Online, Why Aren't You?

Even if your most loyal client refers their best friend to your firm, chances are the friend is going to look online to see what other people are saying about you. If you do not have a Website, or even just a page on Facebook or a LinkedIn profile, chances are that your competitor will. Forrester Research Forum discovered that 62 percent of people found a company by accident when they were on Facebook (Ditch the Funnel, Go for the Customer Life Cycle). If a prospect can find out about your competitor online, but can't find much about your firm, chances are that the prospect will contact the competitor instead of you.

Building a Web Presence is not an "Either-Or" Proposition

When a professional service firm adds online marketing to their traditional marketing strategy, the professionals do not have to immediately jump into social media and have an extensive blog in addition to a Website. A simple, informative, and well-designed Website that serves as an introduction to the firm, along with an online portfolio of the professional's completed projects, is all that is needed. A Web contact form is also useful to convert those who are viewing your Website into actual leads. You can take baby steps to add other elements of social media into your Web presence.

Use Social Media to Engage Current and Prospective Clients

In the 21st century, it is no longer enough just to complete a project for a client. In order to retain a client base, a firm needs to engage with their customers after the project is finished. Providing Twitter links to your portfolio or posting updates about new developments in your field on Facebook serves to keep a line of communication open with your clients. Additionally, it reinforces your firm's reputation as an expert in your field.

Think of online media as another way to strengthen the connections that you have made in person, even when you are busy working on your next project.

- Leila Johnson

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