Top 8 "Gotchas" Writers and Website Builders Should Lookout For

Over the past 11 years, we have been hired many times to fix the problems created by other contractors. And I have come to realize that most of the time when a Write or Build project (technical communications or Website design and development) does go wrong, you can backtrack it to the specifications and contracting procedures as the source.

It is a simple fact that knowing how to write a technical document and build a Web presence and knowing why you're writing or building are two different things. Often times the 'how' and 'why' are not connected on these projects and the result is that they don't get started properly and end badly even when both parties have good intentions.

Here are 8 things that should be indicators for "rebooting" a Write or Build project or that should at least  be brought to the attention of the client as a concern for the project you are currently working on: 

  1. If a stakeholder doesn't have time to review work or attend meetings in timely manner.
  2. If the writer or developer was brought on-board simply to "do the work" and was not originally involved in initial concepts or allowed to consult on the strategy discussion.
  3. If a less-skilled contractor is leading the project and tells you that they are allowed to make decisions without consulting the stakeholder.
  4. If a new hire is given the role of project manager right before starting on the project.
  5. If the project funding is not 100% available and the goal is to start building it so that funders will jump on board. 
  6. If an organization or company is brand new with no clear "deep" vision business model. 
  7. If a stakeholder wants to only pay a small percentage of the project budget because they are not fully convinced of the outcome of the project.
  8. If a project timeline is being dictated by an upcoming event with an exact date identified. 

Of course, we have many more "Gotchas" for both vendors and our clients when doing a Write or Build (technical communications or Website design and development) project.

We are absolutely willing to share the rest of them if you reach out to us and setup a phone consultation to get the ball rolling. 

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