Light Bulb Moment: We Do More Than Just Web Design

I recently came across an article that does a wonderful job summarizing the challenges and skills it takes to be a successful advisor to our clients, which we have been doing successfully for the past 10 years. 

After reading through a fellow blogger's post (Victor Cheng from Case Interview), I realized that we have been performing two key functions. Not only do we develop Websites and portals and train marketing and administrative staff, but we help our clients streamline strategic and operational process that can normally take years of planning and pondering. If it's not done correctly, this causes the company to limp along with solution that can slowly zap the life of the firm overtime.

In a typical project, we require that our clients open up to us and treat our role as outsiders taking as objective of a view as possible into their strategic and operational objectives. This situation allows our expertise to flourish and so that we can create a more sustainable and fully comprehensive solution to solve some if not all of their strategic and operational objectives.

We focus on key areas of the client’s needs to effectively build a solution that works not only today, but in the future. The key is not to assume that we have a one-size-fits-all solution, even if it is covers internal and external systems. In our practice, we try to get our architecture/engineering/construction, professional service firm, and nonprofit clients to “tap the brakes” a bit so that we can take a little time together to review the overall strategic and operational goals.

The task is not easy and it does take a lot of brain power to digest the information from both perspectives simultaneously. Thankfully, we "double consult", which enables a faster turnaround for these phases of our projects. Our services include Strategy Consulting and Operations Consulting, but we have been doing our own unique “mashup” version of these two management functions into something we internally call "Strat-Op Consulting".

Let’s break them down a bit further:

  • Strategic Consulting -- When we work with our clients on defining Web strategy, value propositions, or system strategies, our strategy consultants typically interface with the CEO, President of a firm (or division of a firm), Executive Director, or occasionally the board of directors.
  • Operations Consulting -- When we work with our clients to plan for implementing technology or marketing solutions, our operations consultants typically work closely with a Vice President or Manager of a department like Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Finance, or Communications.

Our proven methods along with securing buy-in from the key staff members and management allow us to be even more certain of a successful outcome for our partnerships. This unique “mashup” method gives us the leverage to design and build solutions that allow the firm not only to solve current needs, but also place the firm in a position to grow into the solution as the company moves forward.

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