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Web development has become somewhat of a commodity in recent years. For those that are wanting a $250 Website, sure, there are lots of solutions that can meet that need for a "cheap" service provider. 

We, on the other hand, have been doing Web development for the past 11 years. We've guided all kinds of small business, design-build firm, and nonprofit organization clients through the process of strategically building a site that meets their long term needs. We are a firm that has been around to see trends come and go and acknowledge that our industry has changed greatly since we first started. 

The presence of cheap developers, both stateside and off-shore, offering to build any site is something that will always be the norm. So, we equate them to an analogy provided during a recent interview with popular pastor T.D. Jakes about his new book Instinct. He stated how some people are turtles and some are giraffes. They both occupy the same space, but the giraffe sees things from a different point of view.

So, we feel that this is a great way to explain to our clients that although we charge more per project, the goal is different based on our point of view. We go beyond being robot coders that build a site for our client and then leave them to find their own path to success. Instead, we help our clients refine their dreams to make them useful and practical for their goals. It all comes down to the height at which your trusted developer is approaching your targeted goals.

As we all know, what is cheap now can give you an expensive case of the "re's" in the end (i.e., rework, redesign, rebuild, relaunch, rewrite, retraining, redo, etc.). 

Looking back, what was your last developer’s point of view when they built your Web presence? Was their solution addressing only your visual needs or just your personal likes and dislikes? Or was your developer looking above that at the functional needs of the future?

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