Our FAQs

It's likely that we do. We have worked with 200+ clients around the world from the design-build (architectural / engineering / construction (AEC)), consulting, education, finance, insurance, law, and medical industries as well as the nonprofit sector and the public sector (state and federal government).

We are fortunate enough to offer services that can apply to just about any industry. The "red flags" that tell us to stay away from projects fall into at least one of the following categories: unrealistic budgets, unrealistic timelines, or unrealistic expectations. Once projects have passed that test, we look at the people behind the project. We've found that the clients that are the best fit for us tend to have the following traits:
  • A good sense of humor
  • Share a personal side of themselves
  • Aren't afraid of technology, but admit when they don't know something
  • Believe in giving back to their community
  • Are professionals in their field and respect that we are as well

We typically use Drupal, Joomla!, Wordpress, and SharePoint to build Web systems, but don't limit ourselves only to those. If we determine that your systems integration and modernization needs require a Web solution, we would determine the best system based on design and technical requirements as well as client capabilities while we're in the midst of our Think discipline.

We offer the best of both worlds. Based on your budget, we can save time and money for you by using templated designs that provide a strong base design along with a unique look and feel. If budget allows, we can create a custom Website design from scratch (from Photoshop or Illustrator files, for example).

While this isn't an exhaustive list, our Write discipline includes writing and editing all of the following: Website copy, business requirements documents, processes and procedures, proposals, online training materials, classroom training materials, online help documentation, reports, software and hardware specifications, user guides, and books.

Our Writing Specialists are 'writers with tech skills'. This is an important distinction. We have been writing professionally for many years and have picked up strong technical skills along the way. Knowing a variety of technology helps us to better understand clients' and project requirements while still remaining true to our craft.

From our market research, we know that we're not the cheapest or the most expensive. We would be happy to share our estimated project costs once we learn more about your needs and determine the best approach for your organization.

We are USA-owned and operated based in the sometimes "forgotten" state of New Mexico. While we sometimes complete our work offsite, we are available to conduct onsite meetings and training classes within the state and travel out of state as needed.

About Data-Scribe

Data-Scribe, a division of VelaMira, Inc., is an information technology systems integration and modernization firm that takes our clients on a journey through our Think + Write + Build disciplines. Our nationwide team specializes in business analysis, project management, technical communication, website, and training services for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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