We apply the methods from our Think + Write + Build disciplines whether we're working virtually or in-person. Also, you'll benefit from Data-Scribe's Core Approach that we use across all of our disciplines.


  • Long-Term Strategy
  • Audience Analysis
  • Problem-Solving
  • Stakeholder Collaboration
  • People, Process, and Technology Focus


  • Information Synthesis
  • Redundancy Elimination
  • Core Message Clarity
  • Writing Models (e.g. Blooms Taxonomy, ADDIE)
  • Consistent Voice Development


  • Phased Approach
  • Persona-Based Modeling
  • Workflow-Verified Functionality
  • Agile or Waterfall Project Management
  • Industry Standard Technology (e.g. HTML5, CSS3, CMS, Bootstrap, Parallax, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Mobile, Responsive)


About Data-Scribe

Data-Scribe, a division of VelaMira, Inc., is an information technology systems integration and modernization firm that takes our clients on a journey through our Think + Write + Build disciplines. Our nationwide team specializes in business analysis, project management, technical communication, website, and training services for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.

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