Our Take on the Modernizing Government Technology Act

We're in support of this Act passing. Big surprise, right?

For those that haven't heard, Bill H.R.2227, Modernizing Government Technology Act of 2017 or the MGT Act is receiving quite a bit of press. President Trump supports the bill and even included $228M in seed money in his 2018 budget proposal. As of 5/18/2017, the bill has passed the House and is now in the Senate's hands.

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We're turning over a new leaf

"Turning over a new leaf". Heard this phrase before?

I'm sure you have. According to the dictionary it is a phrase that means "to begin again, fresh; to reform and begin again".

So why do I bring this up now? Well, having been in business for 11 years, we have had many interesting business relationships over that time. These relationship have sometimes been easy and sometimes challenging in trying to successfully complete projects. 

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The Beauty of the Soft Launch

"We need the site to launch in two months."

It's a phrase that is familiar to all Web developers. Clients have an impending deadline -- a conference, a new program launch -- and they need the site to be ready by a certain date.

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Is custom design a universal concept?

At what point does a custom design become an issue in the development of a Website or content management system? Are custom designs even an issue in the world of development anymore?

With all the ready-made templates out there, you would think not. Don't fool yourself; there are plenty of issues wrapped around the ideologies of design and the Web. More recently the term "design" has become more fluid across disciplines.

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Top 10 AEC Firm Website Mistakes

Some of the most successful business entrepreneurs have learned the best lessons by making costly, never to be repeated, mistakes. When broaching the topic of Website development, we found it far more valuable to share common mistakes, lest you find your firm heading down the same path and potentially pushing away prospective clients. If any of these top ten mistakes sound very familiar, admit it to no one, and contact a Web professional immediately.

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Flash-Websites & Mobile Smartphone Viewing Problems

A lot of our Architecture/Engineering/Construction (AEC clients have considered or used Flash for their Web presence and branding needs. We would always hear statements like the following: "Using all Flash makes our site seem so dynamic and lively. Let's design the site in totally in Flash and forget the rest."

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