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Leila Johnson - Panelist at WriterGal Network Event in Albuquerque - 2-3-17

Leila Johnson, Data-Scribe Senior Partner, will be a featured panelist discussing successful collaborations with freelancers at the WriterGal Network 50 Communication Hacks event in Albuquerque on February 3, 2017. Leila co-founded WriterGals in 2004.

Register for the event on the WriterGal Network website.

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January 12, 2017

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Take an Analyst and Call Me in the Morning

We sometime where many hats when working with our clients. One of the missing keys in some projects is the phase of taking a step back and looking at the entire project from an analyst point of view. 

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Winds of Changes

Program, Project Management, Services, Virtual, Strategies, Document, Training

As a digital design firm, our lives are all about change. How else could we be celebrating more than 10 years in business? We are always proud to say that we have seen companies come and go and yet our company has continued to prosper and grow through the years.  

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Data-Scribe, a division of VelaMira, Inc., is comprised of systems engineering professionals who take clients on a journey through our Think + Write + Build disciplines. Our distributed team specializes in business analysis, project management (Agile or waterfall), technical communication, Website, and training services for businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies.