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Management Assistance Group
Management Assistance Group

Project Details

The Situation: The Management Assistance Group (MAG) had started creating a new Website to showcase their new program, the Network Leadership Innovation Lab (NLIL). The site would act as a hub to share their research and resources in the social justice sector.

The Problem: MAG's NLIL Website team had completed the strategy and content development for the site. They started on the technical development and ran into some issues that were beyond their expertise. 
Our Solution: Data-Scribe was selected to complete the necessary updates in order to get the site ready for launch within a short timeframe.
  • Enhanced the design of the site to complement the main Management Assistance Group Website.
  • Changed the site menu structure, internal links, content and image formats to improve the user experience. 
  • Crosslinked the NLIL site to the main MAG Website and social networking sites in key areas.
  • Setup the NLIL case studies for download on the main MAG Website.
The Result: The NLIL Website launched successfully within the timeframe the client requested. It has provided a central home for them to feature their important social justice work. MAG staff can update the NLIL site easily while maintaining the consistent look and feel with the main MAG Website.

Information Architecture, Wordpress, Web Development, Photoshop, HTML5, CSS3, Maintenance
Management Assistance Group

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