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Automation Consulting Engineering Services, Inc
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Project Details

The Situation: Automation Consulting Engineering Services, Inc (ACES) had outgrown their static HTML site and it was difficult to maintain. They had a specific design in mind for their new site. Also, they wanted something that would showcase their projects and allow them to update their site regularly.

The Problem: After working with a few SEO specialist they were not satisfied with the results. They wanted a site they could be proud to showcase their unique services.

Our Solution: We setup a new site using content management system. We successfully implemented the design and functionality that they wanted. Now, they can easily update their portfolio projects, upcoming projects, and new articles with both content and images.

The Result: ACES has received positive feedback from clients and staff. We provide support after the launch to update their site. ACES continues to make updates to the site quickly and easily.

Web Design, Web Redesign, Logo Design, Web Development, Photoshop, Illustrator, Drupal, Maintenance, HTML5, CSS3

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